Marcia Oliver (Wilfrid Laurier): Transnational Sex Politics, Conservative Christianity, and Antigay Activism in Uganda. Adam J. Kretz (Stanford): From "Kill the Gays" to "Kill the Gay Rights Movement": The Future of Homosexuality Legislation in Africa. Roneeka Allyce Hill (Southern): “Cure Me! I'm Gay!” Social Orientation Change Efforts — A Fundamental Right or a Legal Injustice. Clifford J. Rosky (Utah): No Promo Hetero: Children's Right to Be Queer. Emily Bazelon on how the Supreme Court should rule on gay marriage: The justices don’t need to make gay marriage legal everywhere — in fact, a more modest ruling could be much more powerful. As more and more gay couples wed, more and more gay couples are getting divorced — but dissolving a same-sex union means confronting not just age-old heartbreak but newfound legal trauma. What exactly is “gay culture” in 2013? For Queerocracy, every issue is a queer issue.