Floris Solleveld (Radboud): Conceptual Change in the History of the Humanities. From Reason, Matt Welch on the death of contrarianism: The New Republic returns to its Progressive roots as a cheerleader for state power. “Of all the sciences to be subject to congressional restrictions on what research can and can’t be funded by the National Science Foundation, congress may have chosen the worst possible science to pick on”: Jennifer Victor on how to lobby to get your grant back. The entire editorial board of the Journal of Library Administration, published by Taylor and Francis, has resigned in protest over restrictions that would require scholars to wait up to 18 months before making their published research more widely available on open access, or pay a fee of nearly $3000. Glenn Greenwald on how Noam Chomsky is discussed: The more one dissents from political orthodoxies, the more the attacks focus on personality, style and character.