David B. Kopel (Denver) and Trevor Burrus (Cato): Sex, Drugs, Alcohol, Gambling, and Guns: The Synergistic Constitutional Effects. Is cultural evolution a Darwinian process? Massimo Pigliucci wonders. Willem Levelt on a history of psycholinguistics in the pre-Chomskyan era. What can Scotland learn from Latin America? As the debate about the constitution picks up, that’s probably not a question which many are asking. Ai Weiwei and Pussy Riot: Joshua Keating on the case for obnoxious dissidents. Art without market, art without education: Anton Vidokle on the political economy of art. Stupidity, organizations, and the combination of stupidity and organizations all receive consideration in a new study. Mathew Maavak on class warfare, anarchy and the future society: Is the middle class forging a Gramscian counter-hegemonic bloc worldwide?