From The Nation, what does millions in lobbying money buy? Lee Fang and Francis Reynolds on five congresspeople in the pocket of the private prison industry. ALEC makes public hundreds of “model” bills: Natasha Lennard on how the shady lobby group has published pre-written legislation under pressure from watchdog coalition. Conservatives’ support for state-based think tanks is paying off in regressive legislation — liberals are scrambling to keep up. Frederick E. Allen on learning to love our lobbyist friends: We may not exactly trust special interest groups, but we would abolish them at our own peril. John Sides on how activists misrepresent the groups they purport to speak for. “How could we resist?”: Samantha Cook on the revolving door for ex-members of Congress. Just how many Newt Gingrich's are there on K Street? Timothy M. LaPira and Herschel F. Thomas estimate the true size and shape of Washington's revolving door.