From New York, no one who works in old media feels secure, but it’s high time to stop sobbing: Journalism should be about finding the next story, rather than mourning how they used to be told, which was often flawed anyway; and does BuzzFeed know the secret? Speaking of the future of journalism (and advertising), Jonah Peretti, head of viral-content factory BuzzFeed, purports to have an algorithmic bead on it. Gordon Macmillan on how Twitter won the social media battle for journalism. Laura Bennett on journalism as extreme sport: HBO's "Vice" goes from Brooklyn to Afghanistan, ironic distance intact. Goodbye, anecdotes: The Age of Big Data demands real criticism. Does the political press focus too much on inside baseball? An excerpt from Roger Ailes: Off Camera by Zev Chafets (and more and more and more). John C. Chalberg reviews Cronkite by Douglas Brinkley.