From Guernica, the meaning of choice: Barbara J. Miner on what Milwaukee, home of the nation’s oldest school voucher system, can teach us about desegregation, measuring school success, and decoding the rhetoric of “school choice”. Testing the limits: Patrick Michels on a Texas mother’s radical revolt against standardized tests. Robert L. Hampel reviews Exam Schools: Inside America’s Most Selective Public High Schools by Chester Finn, Jr. and Jessica Hockett. From TNR, Nora Caplan-Bricker on the trouble with boys-only schooling: Advocates say parents should be able to choose single-sex public schools — it's not clear if that's a good choice; and Atlanta's school scandal isn't local: Daniel Denvir on how the education reform movement's "no excuses" mantra leads to cheating. Robin West on Michelle Rhee’s costly agenda: Does sacrificing teachers help struggling kids?