Mikyoung Kim (HCU): Human Rights, Memory and Reconciliation: Korea-Japan Relations. From The Asia-Pacific Journal, Peter Hayes and Roger Cavazos on North Korean and US nuclear threats: Discerning signals from noise; and Ruediger Frank on why now is a good time for economic engagement of North Korea. Joseph Camilleri on North Korea’s month of bluster: Is there method in its “madness”? Joseph S. Nye, Jr. on our Pacific predicament: If America isn’t careful, rising nationalisms in China and Japan may “pivot” it into a strategic typhoon. Gilbert Rozman on the book National Identities and Bilateral Relations: Widening Gaps in East Asian and Chinese Demonization of the United States. Jean-Pierre Lehmann on the China-Japan-Korea triangle: It is no exaggeration to say that much of the planet's future will be determined by how things evolve in Northeast Asia.