Ruth Irwin (AUT): Welcome to the Anthropocene. Christopher Cox (Portland State): Orthodox Sovereignty and Oligopoly Capital in the Decline of Anthropocene Man. From Discover, Tom Yulsman on scenes from the Anthropocene: The polar paradox (and part 2); on a visual journey to the Anthropocene; and on the art of the Anthropocene: A Mondrianesque depiction, the Scythe, and the sound of ice melting. If there is one tenet for conservation biologists and environmentalists to live by in the age of the Anthropocene, it would be this pearl of wisdom from the ecologist Daniel Botkin. From Generation Anthropocene, historian, author, and urban park ranger Jenny Price makes her case for throwing out the well-tread “save the planet” mantra. The term Anthropocene not only doesn’t help us stop this culture from killing the planet — it contributes directly to the problems it purports to address; can I suggest, “The Age of the Sociopath”?