From 3:AM, on metaphysical foundations for science: E.J. Lowe is a frost-cool deep fry who goes to the heavy core of the metaphysical lodestone and thinks about kinds of being all the time by building a system in the old style in order to get a grip on the very nature of reality itself. The first chapter from On Physics and Philosophy by Bernard d'Espagnat. From Berfrois, Christopher Beckwith on how Western Europe developed a full scientific method. Alan Wall on pattern recognition and the periodic table: Is there a fundamental difference between the use of language in scientific discourse and the use of language in fiction or poetry? E.O. Wilson on how great scientists don't need math (and a response). How to write a scientific paper: Sort of scientist and sci-fi writer Greg Benford gives us the nuts and bolts. Scientific articles accepted (personal checks, too): Scientists stumble into a parallel world of pseudo-academia, complete with prestigiously titled conferences and journals that sponsor them.