A new issue of Philosophy in Review is out. David Bourget (London) and David J. Chalmers (ANU): What Do Philosophers Believe? From Intelligent Life, the latest Big Question is “What is the Best Philosophy?”: Angie Hobbs on Plato’s idea of flourishing, Jesse Norman on Aristotle, Anthony Gottlieb on Hume’s scepticism, Colin Blakemore on Descartes’ doubt, Simon Willis on particularism, and Susie Orbach on self-knowledge. The first chapter from The Philosopher, the Priest, and the Painter: A Portrait of Descartes by Steven Nadler. Lives of the moral saints: David V. Johnson interviews Larissa MacFarquhar. Philosophy that stirs the waters: Jennifer Schuessler interviews Daniel Dennett. From The New Significance, the first segment of the multi-part comic series Comix Ergo Sum is on Democritus. On the Scumbag Analytic Philosopher meme generator: "Claims to be a hedonistic act Utilitarian — still has two kidneys".