Gordon Graham (PTS): Political Philosophy and the Dead Hand of History. Ari Kohen (Nebraska): Tumbling Political Theory. Fran Moran (NJCU): Fascist Pizza and the Lyceum Bakery: Remix, Mash-Up, and Student Generated Mixed Media in an Introductory Political Theory Course. Thom Brooks (Durham): In Defence of Political Theory: Impact and Opportunities. From the International Journal of Multicultural Education, Masakazu Matsumoto (Shimane): Political Theorizing and Policy Implications: The Case of a Rawlsian Approach to Multicultural Education. A Theory of Justice, the Musical imagines philosopher John Rawls as a time-traveling adventurer. Kye Barker reviews Hannah Arendt and Political Theory: Challenging Tradition by Steve Buckler. Larry Arnhart on Hobbesian political philosophy as empirical science.