From New York, Jonathan Chait on the truth about legislative dynamics is complicated and depressing — people don’t want to hear it. If Obama went Bulworth, here’s what he’d say. Joe Klein on how putting Benghazi, the IRS’s Tea Party targeting and the Justice Department’s leak-hunting seizure of Associated Press phone records in the same basket is like comparing a mirage to a dishwasher to a diamond — there is no common thread. Democrats, Obama and the IRS can’t say it, so here goes: The only real sin the IRS committed in its ostensible targeting of conservatives is the sin of political incorrectness — that is, of not pretending it needed to vet all the new groups that wanted tax-exempt status, even though it mostly just needed to vet right-wing groups. The scandals are falling apart: When future generations look back on the scandals of our age, it’ll be the unchecked rise in global temperatures, not the Benghazi talking points, that infuriate them.