Daniel Kreiss (UNC) and Mike Ananny (USC): Responsibilities of the State: Rethinking the Case and Possibilities for Public Support of Journalism. Can partisan media contribute to healthy politics? John Sides investigates. Establishment journalism: Gilles d'Aymery on how cable news networks carry the same news, with the same advertisers, hour after hour, with only a different political leaning but all owned by the Establishment. Laurie Penny on the view from somewhere: The fallacy of bland and faceless reporting hurts journalism by allowing bias and prejudice to masquerade as hands-off objectivity. Curtis Brainard on how “balanced” coverage helped sustain the bogus claim that childhood vaccines can cause autism. Lydia DePillis on how to make journalism work on Facebook and Tumblr: The social networks' experiments in journalism ignored their most valuable asset — data.