Charli Carpenter (UMass): Beware the Killer: Robots Inside the Debate over Autonomous Weapons. Rosa Brooks (Georgetown): Be Careful What You Wish For: Changing Doctrines, Changing Technologies and the Lower Cost of War. Samuel Issacharoff and Richard H. Pildes (NYU): Drones and the Dilemma of Modern Warfare. William Funk (Lewis and Clark): Deadly Drones, Due Process, and the Fourth Amendment. Abigail R. Hall and Christopher J. Coyne (George Mason): The Political Economy of Drones. Andrew Erickson and Austin Strange (NWC): China Has Drones — Now What? When Beijing Will and Won't Use Its UAVs. Does the United States fully understand what it has wrought through the use of armed drones? The Drone War: Allison McCann, Evan Applegate, Lisa Charlotte Rost, and Josh Begley on a comprehensive map of lethal U.S. attacks. Why is Obama still blasting militants after he announced new drone rules? Because the rules are a joke. Drones are too slow to kill terrorists: John Arquilla on President Obama's magical thinking about how to defeat al Qaeda. Drones for Jesus: David Swanson on the evangelist for drone warfare. The Navy successfully landed a drone the size of a fighter jet aboard an aircraft carrier for the first time Wednesday, showcasing the military’s capability to have a computer program perform one of the most difficult tasks a pilot is asked to do.