Hendrik Pekarek (Humboldt): Germany's Circumcision Indecision: Anti-Semitism or Legalism? From The Economist, a special report on the Arab spring. South Sudan's 2nd birthday: Two years after independence, world's newest nation still struggling with growing pains. The war of the words: How Republicans and Democrats use language. Revising your writing again? Blame the Modernists — Craig Fehrman on how self-editing became the first commandment of literature. Are some problems too big for democracy? David Berreby wonders. Hedge funds can now advertise — Dan Primack on what it really means. Joshua Keating on CNN and the Problem with the “Egypt or Trayvon” question. Samantha Allen on CounterPunch and the war on the transgendered: Regarding anti-trans rhetoric as legitimate erases the experiences of an entire class of people. These anti-abortion bills are outrageous, but do any have a real shot at being held up in court? Juan Cole on why Aljazeera’s conspiracy theory about Obama and Egypt is brainless mush. Stephen Moss on AD Harvey, the man behind the great Dickens and Dostoevsky hoax. The incredible position of many conservatives is that the government should be handing out money to people because they run a farm, but should not hand out money to people who happen to be poor. Greg Sargent on sabotage governing. Welcome to the most boring news event ever.