David Barnhizer (Cleveland State): Assimilation Anxiety. Sandy Brian Hager (York): America’s Real Debt Dilemma. Melanie Reid (Lincoln Memorial): The Quagmire that Nobody in the Federal Government Wants to Talk About: Marijuana. Steven B. Duke (Yale): The Future of Marijuana in the United States. From Financial Times, a special section on the US States of Emergency. Neil H. Buchanan on how we are all paying the price for Republicans’ underfunding and vilifying of the IRS. Hamilton Nolan on how gerrymandering is eating democracy. How older parenthood will upend American society: Judith Shulevitz on the scary consequences of the grayest generation. The introduction to What Is Your Race? The Census and Our Flawed Efforts to Classify Americans by Kenneth Prewitt. Conservative White America, you need a new grand strategy. Uwe Reinhardt on a health plan for rugged individualists. A war against the commons: Betsy Taylor on the rise of corporate power in US. Harry M. Hipler on Tocqueville’s slow and steady democratic order: Same sex marriage, US v. Windsor, and the dilemma of majority tyranny, federalism, and equality of conditions. An interview with Jennifer Silva, author of Coming Up Short: Working-Class Adulthood in an Age of Uncertainty. Why did the government spy on Justin Raimondo? The FBI tracked Antiwar.com — Raimondo sued to find out why. Jeffrey Rosen on surveillance politics: The lies aren't what makes Obama's NSA stance so awful. Jonathan Chait on autumn in Washington: There will be blood.