Samuel D. Rocha (UND): Unscientific Science and the Insignificance of "Significance": James, Kuhn, and Flyvbjerg. From Education Review, Robert L. Hampel on remembering history: An essay review of Testing Wars in the Public Schools by William J. Reese; and is this the education revolution we’ve been waiting for? Francis Schrag reviews The One World School House by Salman Khan. Nicholas Lemann on how Michelle Rhee misled education reform: "Michelle Rhee simply isn't interested in reasoning forward from evidence to conclusions". If the SAT were a key to all mythology: Monica Cohen on how the SAT is an affront to intellectual complexity. David Karp, who founded Tumblr and sold it to Yahoo for $1.1 billion, doesn’t even have a high school diploma, which raises the question: When is it OK for a wunderkind to drop out of school? Sarah Carr on getting real about high school: Millions of young people will never attend four-year colleges — America must do more to equip them to secure good jobs and live fulfilling lives. Should the school year be longer? A large-scale study throws cold water on a popular idea. The architect of school reform who turned against it: Sara Mosle on Diane Ravitch's second revolution. War on the Core: Bill Keller on the right-wing campaign to keep America stupid. What produces better students — reading in print or reading on-line? The answer is both.