Andrea M. Davis (South Carolina): (Un)Stable Space(s): An Ethnography of a (Sometimes) Gay Bar. Dennis F. Thompson (Harvard): Two Concepts of Corruption. From TNR, Russell Jacoby on how Stanley Fish turned careerism into a philosophy; and John Judis on the three most important thinkers about innovation you need to know. From Slate, Saul Of-Hearts on a hippie’s defense of GMOs: I’m a vegetarian yoga instructor, and even I can tell the case against genetically modified food is overblown; and don't believe the hype: The Chamber of Commerce is thrilled with the GOP. Police the police: Dear NSA and NYPD — if you watch us, we’re going to watch you. Why Stephen Hawking has a lot to teach us about celebrity culture: When one of the world's greatest intellects happily admits to being seduced by fame, perhaps the rest of us should stop being so sniffy about it. Calvin Woodward on how to lay the groundwork for a presidential bid, and who's making what moves. Mark Bittman on how not all industrial food is evil. Jack Shafer on journalism’s new Marquee Brothers. Andrea Peterson on how privacy advocates shined light on the NSA’s unconstitutional surveillance: The Electronic Frontier Foundation forced the Obama administration to reveal a 2011 opinion from the secretive FISA court. FBI suspected William T. Vollmann was the Unabomber (and from the latest issue of Bookforum, Vollmann attempts to go off the grid).