From HBR, the rise of the megacorporation: An interview with Richard Adelstein, author of The Rise of Planning in Industrial America, 1864-1914. When CEOs solved America’s problems: Mark S. Mizruchi on how to revive the post-war era of corporate responsibility. From The Wilson Quarterly, Daniel Akst on automation anxiety: The automation crisis of the 1960s created a surge of alarm over technology’s job-killing effects — there is a lot we can learn from it; and Scott Winship on the truth about jobs: The great American job machine is sputtering, but it has not lost any of its underlying power. David Autor and David Dorn on how technology wrecks the middle class (and more and more). Bryce Covert on how it's not the fault of the long-term unemployed that they can't find jobs. Bismarck is lovely this time of year: To fix the economy, we need to encourage people to start moving again. For immigrants working toward the American Dream, some employers are now helping them reach their dream of becoming Americans. There's a new study that says welfare pays better than work — here's why it's total nonsense. Why do the people raising our children earn poverty wages? Women who care for poor kids are often mothers living in poverty themselves. You can go home again: What’s so awful about living with one’s parents? Kim Velsey on the misery of being merely upper middle class: The haves demand sympathy for not being have-mores.