Cass Sunstein (Harvard) and George Loewenstein and Russell Golman (Carnegie Mellon): Disclosure: Psychology Changes Everything. This time there really will be a government shutdown — and that's not all bad (and more). How well does contemporary fiction address radical politics? Pankaj Mishra and Jennifer Szalai on the challenges of portraying extreme political ideas. David Frum on the rules for covering mass shootings. The carnage continues: By the weekend, the Navy Yard shooting will be out of the news — we'll forget Aaron Alexis' name, and with a few months, another mass killer will take his place. From The Baffler, Siva Vaidhyanathan on how Eric Schmidt has moved from the Googleplex to the Davosplex; and enough with the mindless demonization of our overclass: Forbes columnist Harry Binswanger demands more perks for the one percent. John Tierney on the rational choices of crack addicts. Jonathan Weil on the food fight on the Harvard Law School blog. Coring the Big Apple: James Surowiecki on inequality in New York City. Meet the obscure U.N. body that will decide Syria’s fate. Zines have gone institutional: Harvard acquires a collection of 20,000 zines and related material. Rachel Alexander on why Democrats are winning — because Americans are lazy. Should your brain be able to take the Fifth? Nita A. Farahany warns of the “coming siege” against freedom of thought. Sarah Laskow on the photo BuzzFeed wishes it hadn’t used.