Sarah Joseph (Monash): A Human Rights Reading of Tintin. From M/C Journal, a special issue on the remix. For the past several months, a group of Christian writers have been debating the value and meaning of dressing modestly — a conversation that is relevant even to people who aren't part of religious communities. Noreen Malone on why fashion should be a refuge for the unemployable. Jonathan Meiburg goes inside the American Museum of Natural History’s hidden masterpiece. The man who organized everything: To Robert J. Glushko, the world is one big opportunity for arrangement. John Judis on how Obama just gave his most significant foreign policy speech (and more by Isaac Chotiner). The idiocy of crowds: Felix Salmon on equity crowdfunding platforms. If there is any Wyoming left in Wyoming a Cheney isn't going to get elected in the Equality State any time soon. From Skeptic, talking to the dead: James Van Praagh tested. Writing seen, writing spoken: Thomas Larson on how e-readers, texting, book trailers, and Twitter are not only changing the possibilities for writing, but also what it means to be a writer. Should we judge people of past eras for moral failings? Peter Ludlow on the banality of systemic evil. Terrible though it may be, a default may actually be necessary to preserve the constitutional structure of American government and the rest of Obama’s presidency.