Andreas Dimopoulos (Brunel): PIGS and Pearls: State of Economic Emergency, Right to Resistance and Constitutional Review in the Context of the Eurozone Crisis. Vivien Schmidt (BU) and Mark Thatcher (LSE): The Resilience of Neo-Liberal Ideas in Europe. Luca Delbello (St. John’s): Wherefore the Italian Left: From Active Struggles to Disenchantment. Pero Maldini (Dubrovnik): Nationalism in Croatian Transition to Democracy. Bojan D. Spaic (Belgrade): Political Identities and Citizenship in Montenegro. Richard Bronk (LSE) and Wade Jacoby (BYU): Avoiding Monocultures in the European Union: The Case for the Mutual Recognition of Difference in Conditions of Uncertainty. A debate about textbooks returns to a question that never really goes away: what is a Moldovan? From LRB, Susan Watkins reviews books on Europe. Goodbye Ossi: Stefan Berg on the demise of Eastern German identity. Susie Linfield reviews Utopia or Auschwitz: Germany’s 1968 Generation and the Holocaust by Hans Kundnani. What does the rise of Marine Le Pen's right-wing nationalist politics say about France? Tim Sampson on how pro-fascist ideologues are rewriting Croatia's history. James Mayfield on explaining the rapid rise of the xenophobic Right in contemporary Europe. Greek anti-terror police hold leader Nikolaos Michaloliakos and senior members of far-right party Golden Dawn on charges of forming a criminal organisation. John Shattuck on why European integration must not be reversed.