Javier Sajuria (UCL): Is the Internet Changing Our Conception of Democracy? An Analysis of the Internet Use During Protests and its Effect on the Perception of Democracy. Hadas Eyal (Hebrew): The Proof is in the Pudding: Putting Digital Technology to the Test — Political Movements and Success in the Competitive Political Communication Arena. Vasilis Kostakis (Tallinn) and Stelios Stavroulakis (P2P Lab): The Parody of the Commons. David Golumbia (VCU): Cyberlibertarianism: The Extremist Foundations of “Digital Freedom”. Eli Dourado on reinterpreting cyberlibertarianism in light of its failures. The tech intellectuals: Henry Farrell on the good, bad, and ugly among our new breed of cyber-critics, and the economic imperatives that drive them. Are tech entrepreneurs replacing Wall Streeters as the rich bad guys in the popular imagination? Noreen Malone on how popular culture has soured on Silicon Valley's hotshots. From Dissent, Mr. Zuckerberg goes to Washington. Bryce Emley on how Google flushes knowledge down the toilet: Search engine optimization is filling the Internet with misinformation about human bathroom habits and more. Mira Burri reviews Regulating Code: Good Governance and Better Regulation in the Information Age by Ian Brown and Christopher T. Marsden. The Internet is a human right: Increasingly, it looks like one of those things we human need to ensure a healthy, meaningful life is the internet (and more). Joshua Kopstein on how Silk Road, the eBay of illegal drugs, came undone.