Chenyang Li (NTU): China’s Meritocratic Examinations and the Ideal of Virtuous Talents; and Confucian Conception of Freedom. Donghua Chen and Junli Jerry Yu (Nanjing) and Oliver Zhen Li and Bernard Yin Yeung (NUS): Of Poetry and Ethics. Li Hongbin, Li Lei, Binzhen Wu, and Yanyan Xiong (Tsinghua): The End of Cheap Chinese Labor. Marisol Sandoval (City University London): Foxconned Labour as the Dark Side of the Information Age: Working Conditions at Apple’s Contract Manufacturers in China. As it adjusts to the end of its run of sustained, double-digit rates of annual economic growth, China is staking a great deal on the idea that growth and urbanisation are linked. Seeking truth from facts: Nick Holdstock on Bo Xilai; and on learning the wrong lessons in Xinjiang. An excerpt from Morality of China in Africa: The Middle Kingdom and the Dark Continent by Stephen Chan (and more). Alexander Kim on how China chases Central Asian pipe dream. China takes aim at Western ideas. Where is China's Gorbachev? Matt Schiavenza on why the country hasn't had — and isn't likely to have — a political reformer in the mold of the former Soviet leader. Will WeChat be China’s first top-100 global brand? In China, it's the grandparents who “lean in”. Looks good on paper: A flawed system for judging research is leading to academic fraud. Opening the floodgates: The great rivers of China are being dammed, regardless of the consequences. Matt Schiavenza on the peculiar history of foot binding in China. China lost 14 million people in World War II — why is this forgotten?