A new issue of E Magazine is out. Simon Caney (Oxford): Two Kinds of Climate Justice: Avoiding Harm and Sharing Burdens. Michael Loadenthal (George Mason): The Earth Liberation Front: A Social Movement Analysis. Geoff Berry (PIA): The Utopian Dreaming of Modernity and its Ecological Cost. Torben C. Rick (NMNH), Patrick V. Kirch (UC-Berkeley), and Jon M. Erlandson and Scott M. Fitzpatrick (Oregon): Archeology, Deep History, and the Human Transformation of Island Ecosystems. Susana Sanz-Caballero (UCHCEU): Children’s Rights in a Changing Climate: A Perspective from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. How much should we value nature's benefits to people? That question is causing a fundamental rift within the discipline. Pilita Clark reviews Foreclosing the Future: The World Bank and the Politics of Environmental Destruction by Bruce Rich. Climate change will force Pacific Islanders to flee — should the U.S. be forced to take them in? Nora Caplan-Bricker wonders. Isaac Chotiner on how there's one big difference between GMO skepticism and climate-change denial. The introduction to Rethinking Private Authority: Agents and Entrepreneurs in Global Environmental Governance by Jessica F. Green. Jeffrey Ball on ending energy subsidies: Environmental no-brainer, political no-winner. Mark Leon Goldberg interviews Todd Wilkinson, author of Last Stand: Ted Turner’s Quest to Save a Troubled Planet. Climate change madness: The fate of the planet now depends on Kickstarter. Former energy secretary Steven Chu on climate, politics and his toughest decisions. A look at why solar radiation management geoengineering and democracy won't mix.