From BMC Medical Ethics, Yasuko Takezawa (Kyoto) et al: Human Genetic Research, Race, Ethnicity and the Labeling of Populations: Recommendations Based on an Interdisciplinary Workshop in Japan. From n+1, most of us, understandably, are more concerned with economics on the personal scale of budgets and paychecks and debt and less interested in economics on the corporate scale of interstate commerce or monopolies or taxable presences — Amazon’s violation of the spirit (if not the letter) of American tax and anti-monopoly laws is abstract; one’s rent, phone bill, spending money, student loan payments, a lot less so. Cliven Bundy betrays Rightbloggers, forcing them to denounce (some of) his crazy ideas. Alexis Madrigal and Adrienne LaFrance on a guide to (and history of) a contested idea: If net neutrality is so important, why is it so controversial? (and more) Ryan Singel on how the FCC plans to save the Internet by destroying it: An explainer. Carlos Lozada on how to write a Thomas Piketty think piece, in 10 easy steps. Kerry says Israel is headed toward "apartheid" — this was not a savvy thing to say, but that doesn't mean it was wrong. High plains moochers: At the heart of the Cliven Bundy standoff was a perversion of the concept of freedom. This is modern racism’s face: Carolyn Edgar on how Sterling and Bundy aren't vestiges of another time — they are the embodiment of Paul Ryan and Michele Bachmann's ideas (and more). Michael Tomasky on Donald Sterling and the neverending fantasy of “Democrat” racism. Ned O'Gorman on going beyond the democratic “experience” of an archive.