From Comment, here are 50 things to love about politics. Hey, young Americans, here's a text for you: Is America still America if millions of us no longer know how democracy works? The amero conspiracy: Behind closed doors, a secret cabal is planning the end of the United States as we know it — inside a paranoid vision for our time. Here's a map of North America, the Balkans version. From National Journal, a cover story on The New Washington: A more diverse, tech-savvy generation is making Washington less insular and more accessible and accountable to the rest of the country, and more on the rainbow push and a tale of two lobbyists. So, how funny is Washington? As funny as a GS-14 writing regs for outsourced procurement functions. Fred Barnes on the case against despair: It's not impossible to shrink the federal government. Rewriting Uncle Sam's role: A new coalition of nonprofits is trying to promote collaboration between government and so-called "social entrepreneurs" who apply business school imperatives to the field of philanthropy.