From the International Journal of Zizek Studies, a special issue on Enjoying the Cinema, including Hugh S. Manon (OSU): Qui Perd Gagne: Failure and Cinematic Seduction; Jennifer Friedlander (Pomona): No Business Like Schmo Business: Reality TV and Fetishistic Inversion; Paul Eisenstein (Otterbein): Devouring Holes: Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream and the Tectonics of Psychoanalysis; and David Denny (Marylhurst): Signifying Grace: a reading of Lars Von Trier’s Dogville. From The Hindu, Bollywood needs to change its act: Despite the success of Hindi films abroad, Bollywood has not really made a dent in the global cinema market. Life's a Blur: A look at how biopics should face fact and fiction. The cutting edge: Director Katie Mitchell has been accused of a willful disregard for classic texts — her reworking of The Trojan Women for a modern audience is likely to enrage purists. Terry Teachout on the price of the ticket: It costs a lot to see a Broadway show — is it worth the expense?