From Vanity Fair, the muckraker’s progress: For decades, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has been working to catch “family values” politicians in bed with the wrong people, offering up to a million dollars for each hypocrite exposed — he’s eyeing some juicy targets this election cycle. An interview with former White House press secretary Tony Snow on President Bush, declining party loyalty, liberal media bias, and more. The GOP's ambassador of ill will: He went from plumbing to public relations — now, as the party's communications chief, Danny Diaz is leaking bad news about the opposition with style. The endless campaign: Karl Rove on why we need longer primaries—but a shorter process. In praise of the primaries: Iowa and New Hampshire perform a vital function. From Mother Jones, primary color: Already sick of the 2008 horse race? We’ve got a fact-based cure for the election blahs. Are you a political expert, or are you misinformed? These five levels of awareness will show you where you stand. You say you won't vote for a candidate who isn't trustworthy? You're lying to yourself. A resume can’t buy you love: No matter how much Hillary Clinton, John McCain or Rudy Giuliani brag about being tested and vetted, it’s not experience that will be decisive in determining the next president. Paul Krugman on a thought for progressives: Bush isn't the problem — and the next president should not try to be the anti-Bush. What does Barack Obama have in common with Stephen Colbert? An article on matching candidates with celebrities.