Nicholas Chesterley (Oxford) and Paolo Roberti (Bologna): Populism and Institutional Capture. Ray Dalio, Steven Kryger, Jason Rogers, and Gardner Davis on populism, the phenomenon: How it typically germinates, grows, and runs its course. What if the “populist wave” is just political fragmentation? Chris Gilson and Artemis Photiadou interview Eric Kaufmann on cultural values and the rise of right-wing populism in the West. Populism is the result of global economic failure: Political revolts are inevitable in a world where employees are wage slaves and bosses super rich. No easy answers: Why left-wing economics is not the answer to right-wing populism (and a response).

Kenneth Rogoff on growing out of populism. How does populism turn authoritarian? Venezuela is a case in point. Thea Riofrancos on democracy without the people: What if populism is not the problem, but the solution?