The United scandal has a message for Democrats: Americans want consumer protection. The progressive agenda now: Jobs and Medicare for all. How California hopes to undo Trump: America’s mega-state is now clearly its leftmost, too — and on social insurance, climate change, and immigrant rights, it has more capacity and desire to defeat Republican reaction than any other institution. “Resistance” and liberal activism: Liz Scheer on the problems with using the word “resist”. Opposing everything is the wrong way to stop Trump: Progressives argue that blocking Republicans is the best way to make an electoral comeback — but Democrats need to be more clever than that.

The Kansas special election is a lesson to Democrats: The Democratic Party needs to stop this infighting. Inside the grassroots movement to groom a new generation of Democratic candidates. Three futures for the Democratic Party: Macabe Keliher on the party beyond Hillary and Bernie. Prophets of deceit: Nicholas Baer and Maggie Hennefeld on post-truth politics and the future of the Left. Michele Bachmann: Liberals are letting the Antichrist come to power.