Let’s stop calling North Korea “crazy” and understand their motives. Return of the Madman Theory: Trump’s foreign policy is so erratic and unpredictable, it might just make the world more stable — for a very short time. As Trump and Kim Jong Un unleash war rhetoric, allies urge a slower hand. Emma M. Ashford on why North Korea might get to keep its nuclear weapons. Max Fisher on the risks of pre-emptive strikes against North Korea. Attacking North Korea: Surely Donald Trump couldn’t be that foolish. “In just 83 days Trump has launched missiles into Syria, moved a naval strike group to Korea & dropped a #MOAB, but Hillary was the war hawk?” Trump craves praise, we praise him for bombings — what possibly could go wrong?

You ever just sit there and think, “man, once upon a time people genuinely hated a woman enough to bring on the Apocalypse”. The week the world almost ended: In 1983, the U.S. simulated a nuclear war with Russia and narrowly avoided starting a real one — we might not be so lucky next time.