Daniel Drezner (Tufts): The Future of US Foreign Policy. Waving Goodbye to Hegemony: Just a few years ago, America’s hold on global power seemed unshakable — but a lot has changed while we’ve been in Iraq. How Bush stacks up: Like Rorschach tests, a growing stack of Bush books reveals very different presidents—Evangelical Bush, Frat-Boy Bush, Weepy Bush—as authors try to explain his failure and his "success". William Saletan on the tragic stubbornness of George W. Bush. Jay Rosen on why campaign coverage sucks: Horse-race journalism works for journalists and fails the public. A review of It's so French! Hollywood, Paris and the Making of the Cosmopolitan Film Culture by Vanessa B Schwartz. From TED, an interview with Frank Gehry. An article on the network of thought leaders, donors and corporations behind the TED conference's audacious projects. More and more on The Mind of the Market by Michael Shermer (and an interview). How green is their growth: A new argument that economic progress can help to ease environmental woes, just so long as the governance is good too. Benjamin Franklin plays Sudoku: Founding father entertained himself devising beautiful mathematical puzzles. From LRB, Eric Hobsbawm on life during the Weimar Republic. An article on piecing together the dark legacy of East Germany's secret police. An article on ten extraordinary literary suicides.