From Vanity Fair, an excerpt from The Last Campaign: Robert F. Kennedy and 82 Days That Inspired America by Thurston Clarke; what’s it like to write a mega-selling memoir, then become a household word for “liar”? An interview with James Frey; an excerpt from Audition: A Memoir by Barbara Walters; and Jamie Johnson on the decline of the Wasp Establishment. How hard is it to review the Bard? Martha Nussbaum reviews Shakespeare the Thinker by A.D. Nuttall, Shakespeare's Philosophy: Discovering the Meaning Behind the Plays by Colin McGinn, and Double Vision: Moral Philosophy and Shakespearean Drama by Tzachi Zamir. How to see this Mission Accomplished: Nine experts on military affairs identify a significant challenge facing the American and Iraqi leadership today. From Technology Review, where are they? Nick Bostrom on why he hopes the search for extraterrestrial life finds nothing. The .su Boom: Tucked away in one of the Web's dark corners, the Soviet Union continues to thrive as an internationally recognized entity. From The Telegraph, a look at the 50 most influential US political pundits. “Everybody in the world except US citizens should be allowed to vote and elect the American government”: An interview with Slavoj Zizek. From Commentary, an essay on 1948, Israel, and the Palestinians—The True Story (and more and more on Benny Morris' 1948).