From PUP, credit, blame and social life: The first chapter from Charles Tilly's Credit and Blame; the introduction to Picture Perfect: Life in the Age of the Photo Op by Kiku Adatto; the introduction to Who Owns Antiquity? Museums and the Battle over Our Ancient Heritage by James Cuno; and the first chapter from Coming of Age in Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores the Virtually Human by Tom Boellstorff. Exposed: Emily Gould on what she gained — and lost — by writing about her intimate life online. Scouting micro social networks: MySpace and Facebook only account for half of all visits to social-network sites — what about the 4,000 other sites? Net libertarianism: A review of Daniel J. Solove's The Future of Reputation and Jonathan Zittrain's The Future of the Internet: And how to stop it. From Reason, an article on The State of Libertarianism, 2058: How the Rand Era gave way to the Surveillance Era and what we can do about it — a speculative flight into the future. Thomas Frank on the tragic irony of Beltway Libertarianism. Will the real libertarian please stand up? Does the Libertarian Party matter? Will the libertarians spoil McCain’s chances? How the lunatic fringe hijacked America: An excerpt from Arianna Huffington's Right Is Wrong. Pollster secrets revealed: Doublethink goes inside the political numbers racket.