From Der Spiegel, a special report on The Price of Survival: What would it cost to save nature? From Democratiya, David Hirsh on arguments against the academic boycott of Israel; Robert J. Lieber on America and Israel after sixty years; a review of A History of Modern Israel by Colin Shindler; and a review of Jews and Power by Ruth R Wisse. The Unraveling: Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank on the jihadist revolt against bin Laden. Nurture your inner psychic: How everyday mind reading skills help us navigate, or get lost in, the stormy landscape of human interactions. A review of ID: The Quest for Identity in the 21st Century by Susan Greenfield. A review of The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes — and Why by Amanda Ripley. From World Affairs, Adrian Wooldridge on Rational Actors: Secular fallacies. Donna Seaman reviews The Bishop’s Daughter by Honor Moore. More and more and more on The Kingdom of Infinite Space: A Fantastical Journey Around Your Head by Raymond Tallis.  A review of Discretionary Time: A New Measure of Freedom by Robert Goodin, James Mahmud Rice, Antti Parpo and Lina Eriksson; Time: A User’s Guide by Stefan Klein; and Making Time: Why Time Seems to Pass at Different Speeds and How to Control It by Steve Taylor. Llewellyn Rockwell. on why everything you love you owe to capitalism.