From Axess, politics is looking for new ways: A look at how it is think tanks, not politicians, that push the development of ideas and put forward exciting proposals and reports; a look at financiers want to direct research; an article on lobbying, democracy and the right to exert influence; and “Right-wing dominance is disturbing”: An interview with Per Wirten, publisher of Arena. From Kulturos Barai, an article on how, in the consumerist system, the individual who asserts him or herself through authentic freedom is regarded as a non-efficient citizen. An interview with Josh MacPhee and Favianna Rodriguez, editors of Reproduce and Revolt: A Graphic Toolbox for the 21st Century Activist. Fun with art: Jonathon Keats makes art that makes you think — how much is that worth? A review of The Kingmakers: How the Media Threatens Our Security and Our Democracy by Mike Gravel and David Eisenbach. Bruce Ackerman and Ian Ayres on fixing the system Obama broke. and Amanda Schaffer and Emily Bazelon examine the science behind claims about sex difference and the brain. The jokes on U.S.: American women are standing up to be counted. An article on gay pride and patriotism: The fight for the right to serve. The first chapter from The Cold War and the United States Information Agency: American Propaganda and Public Diplomacy, 1945–1989 by Nicholas J. Cull.