From the American Journal of Economics and Sociology, a special issue on Homo Economicus. From The Wall Street Journal, through history, outrageous financial behavior has been met with outrage; but today Wall Street's damaging recklessness has been met with near-silence, from a too-tolerant populace. A growing number of economists are bravely asking: What factors make people happy? About that Green Light: The so-called “Easterlin Paradox” has been in the news recently. A review of Fishing in Utopia: Sweden and the Future that Disappeared by Andrew Brown. From TNR, Jonathan Chait reviews The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein. An article on Christopher Poole, the 20-year-old at heart of web's most anarchic and influential site. Can a test reveal if a person has a subconscious desire to kill himself? Peter Bebergal tries to find out. A review of The Spartans: The World of the Warrior-Heroes of Ancient Greece and Thermopylae: The Battle that Changed the World, by Paul Cartledge. In response to the courts, class is replacing race as the primary basis for desegregating schools; it’s a mix that just might work. From The Book Design Review, three books having something to do with superheroes, none of whom is Batman. Online POKER marketing could spell the NAKED end of VIAGRA journalism as we LOHAN know it: Why bother writing an article at all?