From The New Individualist, a special issue on Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged at 50; here's a fascinating new trend: the emerging interest of people on the political left in market-based economics; a review of The Future of Conservatism: Conflict and Consensus in the Post-Reagan Era; a review of The Life and Times of Aristotle by Jim Whiting; more on Simon Blackburn's Lust: The Seven Deadly Sins and more on Joseph Epstein's Envy; and how many French cowboys are also black? From The Futurist, a look at the practical obstacles to ocean habitation and the race to make life at sea a twenty-first century reality; and a review of Futurecast: How Superpowers, Populations, and Globalization Will Change the Way You Live and Work by Robert J. Shapiro. From Not Bored!, an article on Kurt Cobain, back from the dead. Movies made me: They are art, big business and soft power — but movies are a lot more than just that. Lisa Shea reviews Two Marriages by Phillip Lopate. Manu Chao could be the most famous singer that many English speakers have never heard of, yet he is to the alter-globalisation movement what Bob Dylan was to peace and civil rights in the 1960s. Games without frontiers: How videogames blind us with science. From Suite 101, a series of articles on US lineage societies for men, women, and men and women (and more at the state level).