From Next American City, a review of The Option of Urbanism by Christopher B. Leinberger; and respect for the human scale: An interview with urban theorists James Howard Kunstler and Nikos Salingaros. From Utne, an essay on reimagining the American Dream: What the good life really means and why we can still grab it. American legal influence is waning as foreign courts pay less attention to US court decisions. A review of Development Beyond Neoliberalism: Governance, Poverty Reduction and Political Economy by David Craig and Douglas Porter. More and more on Angler by Barton Gellman. A review of When is Discrimination Wrong? by Deborah Hellman. A review of Germaine De Stael and Benjamin Constant: A Dual Biography by Renee Winegarten (and more and more). From The Walrus, our faces, our selves: Self portraits via the police Identi-Kit. God's Words: An article on the (unnecessary) rise of the spiritual memoir. An interview with Bill Maher on "Religulous". From Nexus, an interview with Benjamin Fulford, an Eastern ultimatum to the Western Illuminati. From New Humanist, Paul Sims finds out what’s behind the anarchic anti-cult group Anonymous; "Manifestos for the 21st Century": Caroline Moorehead reviews an impressive new series on censorship; and seeing is believing, it is said — but could it be the other way round?