From TAC, whose Palin? The old Buchanan Brigades now ride to the sound of the neocon guns; and here's an open letter to Sarah Palin by the editors. A look at why some women hate Sarah Palin, and a look at why Sarah's sex life matters. David Gargill travels to Anchorage to examine the roots of Sarah Palin’s spectacular and sudden ascent. The politics of the Last Frontier are a strange brew of libertarianism, moralism, privacy and a love of government handouts. An article on Palin's small-town snobbery: Why it's time to bury the myth of rural virtue. Alaska vs. Hawaii: Why is Seward's Folly the "real America" and the Aloha State not? Are you an elitist? 18 revealing ways to know for sure. Stephen Pinker on why voters should focus on Gov. Sarah Palin’s facile governing philosophy that is symbolized by her speech style, not the red herrings of accent or dialect. The next decider: The election isn't just a referendum on ideology — it's a contest between two modes of thinking. An interview with Philip Tetlock, author of Expert Political Judgment. This is your brain on politics: A look at the work of Drew Westen, author of The Political Brain. Is Sarah Palin a "muscular feminist" or simply a dumb jock? If something is too absurd for words, why not draw a cartoon? Voila: Palinworld. An article on Alaska's Little Diomede island: You CAN see Russia from here.