From Arion, Camille Paglia on Feminism Past and Present: Ideology, Action, and Reform; and Maria Rybakova on two genders of the soul regarding the love of God. From The Futurist, a review of Futurecast: How Superpowers, Populations, and Globalization Will Change the Way You Live and Work by Robert J. Shapiro; where's my flying car? An interview with Paul Moller; and a series of interviews on the future of ocean habitation. Still the Border State: Maryland remains unclassifiable, even as the rest of the country gets split into easy divisions. A review of Taking on the Pledge of Allegiance: The Media and Michael Newdow's Constitutional Challenge by Ronald Bishop. Counting how votes count: A rational person will vote, economists show, as an act of altruism. Why Wall Street will prevail: Things are bad now, but the world will never out-finance us (and more). Cass Sunstein reviews Leaderless Jihad: Terror Networks in the Twenty-First Century by Marc Sageman. From Big Think, Cliff Schorer on the problems with tax incentives. From Dark Roasted Blend, an article on castles that will inspire and haunt you. From Strange Maps, an article on the forgotten Kingdom of Araucania-Patagonia.  A hundred little Napoleons: Is anyone in charge in today's nonpolar world? Why dogs don't enjoy music: Human neurons are extraordinarily sensitive to changes in pitch.