From Australian Humanities Review, a special issue on The Idea of the South, including an essay on the keys to the South; and an excerpt from Southern Theory: The global dynamics of knowledge in social science by Raewyn Connell. From Ethic@, Janyne Sattler (UQaM): Kantian Anthropology and the Feminine Task of Morality; and Iain Law (Birmingham): Evil Pleasure is Good for You! Kristof Magnusson looks into Iceland's culture and history to find out how this mini-state with its global ambitions became buried in debt. David Gordon reviews Who Killed the Constitution? The Fate of American Liberty from World War I to George W. Bush by Thomas E. Woods Jr. and Kevin R.C. Gutzman. Nicola Karras on how she learned to stop worrying and love the vast right-wing conspiracy. From Freethought Today, an article on violence in religion; a look at the real religious terrorism; and what is a good righteous person? From Free Inquiry, living without religion: I want (not) to believe.  An article on the Codex Sinaiticus, the rival to the Bible. A review of Butcher and Bolt: Two Hundred Years of Foreign Engagement in Afghanistan by David Loyn. Eight years after Bush v. Gore, why is there still so much election litigation and what does this mean? A review of Kingmakers: The Invention of the Modern Middle East by Karl E. Meyer and Shareen Blair Brysac.