Jonathan Matusitz and Gerald-Mark Breen (UCF): Unethical Consequences of Pack Journalism. From Index on Censorship, civil disobedience is sometimes the only way of making a democratic point, says Leo Murray of Plane Stupid. A review of Beyond Terror and Martyrdom: The Future of the Middle East by Gilles Kepel (and an interview). From Intelligent Life, how thriftily can you drive? You'll need to ape the hypermilers, writes Paul Markillie; and mining William Faulkner's work and biography for inspiration, the Coens have managed to grant the Southern bard the popular acceptance that always eluded him. Researchers found that more male drivers stopped to pick up women hitchhikers with bigger breasts. Let's call John Kerry's loss in 2004 what it is: the luckiest thing to happen to Democrats in 40 years. From Think Tank, are we are what we eat? An interview with Gary Taubs, author of Good Calories/Bad Calories (and an excerpt). From Discover, a look at the 10 most influential people in science; and what if time really exists? Sean Carroll wonders. We have survived as a species and even thrived sufficiently to create credit default swaps that possibly will do what the Soviet nuclear targeters failed to do: bring us to our knees. Why it's time to give the UN some teeth. An interview with Hans Kochler of the International Progress Organization.