From Cato Unbound, a special issue on What Happened? Anatomies of the Financial Crisis. From The New York Times, economic experts write on the challenges facing Barack Obama when he takes office. From International Viewpoint, a crash course in capitalism: The comparison with the fall of the Berlin Wall gives some indication of this historical dimension. Was Marx right? An article on the auto industry and the bailout. Help Wanted: In trying times, the turn to advice books can be a dangerous one. Where is the world's safest place? With all the panic going on in the world, the survivalism movement is making a comeback. An interview with SNL's Amy Poehler: "Smart girls have more fun". From E&P, Obama owes it all to Stephen Colbert. The sector formerly known as private: How Obama intends to use corporations to effect social change. Learning from the Bush legacy: Conservatives sold their soul to back George W. Bush — can they get it back? An article on George W. Bush as multilateralism’s greatest booster? Spreading the Gospel: The Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights has opened its doors in Washington DC — its founder ruminates. From Wishtank, here's an exchange of savants: Kim Peek compliments Daniel Tammet. Who's the world's worst banker? Daniel Gross wonders. An interview with Philip Plait, author of Death from the Skies! These Are the Ways the World Will End.