From the International Journal on Multicultural Societies, a special issue on Citizenship Tests in a Post-National Era. From The Federalist Debate, Amitai Etzioni (GWU): A Global, Community Building Language?; and a review of The Twilight of the Nation State: Globalisation, Chaos and War by Prem Shankar Jha. For the first time since homo sapiens began to doodle on cave walls, there is an argument, an opportunity and a means to make serious steps towards a world government. The spectacular setting of Costa Rica's University for Peace is not the only thing about it that is idyllic. John Mearsheimer on rebalancing the Middle East: Know the limits of US power. A review of Colonialism and the Emergence of Science Fiction by John Rieder. A review of Hannah Arendt and Human Rights: The Predicament of Common Responsibility by Peg Birmingham and Hannah Arendt and the Challenge of Modernity: A Phenomenology of Human Rights by Serena Parekh. A review of Surrender is not an Option by John Bolton. Conflicts of interest: Tim Harford on the commercialisation of microfinance. A look at why a recession may actually be the perfect time to pass climate legislation. The introduction to The Ethical Economy by Adam Arvidsson and Nicolai Peitersen. Film Rights: At the American Film Renaissance, the Right makes the wrong movies.