From Portal, a special issue on Italian Cultures. From Evolutionary Psychology, Daniel J. Kruger (Michigan): Male Financial Consumption is Associated with Higher Mating Intentions and Mating Success; Pieternel Dijkstra and Dick Barelds (Groningen): Do People Know What They Want: A Similar or Complementary Partner?; Shannon Nguyen and Emily J. Zillmer (Wisconsin-Oshkosh) and E. L. Stocks (Texas-Tyler): Are Sexual and Emotional Infidelity Equally Upsetting to Men and Women? Making Sense of Forced-Choice Responses; and a review of The Supernatural and Natural Selection: Religion and Evolutionary Success by Lyle B. Steadman and Craig T. Palmer. Marshall Berman reviews Modernism: The Lure of Heresy by Peter Gay (and more from Bookforum). From Small Wars Journal, a review of A Wicked Brew: Piracy and Islamism in the Horn of Africa by Tim Sullivan. From Ducts, here are the memoirs of a Grand Canyon boatman. The Pyrrhic victory of secular capitalism: An excerpt from The Age of Aging by George Magnus. Our choices in books, movies, music, and art go to the core of who we are — what your tastes reveal about you. From TNR, a review of Rhythms of Life: The Biological Clocks that Control the Daily Lives of Every Living Thing by Russell G. Foster and Leon Kreitzman. More on Mark Bauerlein’s The Dumbest Generation.