From M/C Journal, Anthony McCosker (Melbourne): Blogging Illness: Recovering in Public. From Fortune, an article on three days that shook the world: The most powerful people in American capitalism convened on September 12 to try and save Lehman Brothers; and why a $1 trillion deficit is a good thing (for now). More on Ilan Stavans’s Resurrecting Hebrew. From Freedom Daily, insisting on the alleged virtue of loving one’s country mainly serves to give those in power a blank check. Jonathan Wolff proposes a definition of a super-classic: A book you have as good as read when you have read the title. The Observer profiles Roman Polanski. A look at how Rwanda's women politicians are transforming their country. A look at the world's friendliest countries: Those in search of a fresh start might head to these welcoming spots. A review of National Security Mom: Why “Going Soft” Will Make America Strong by Gina M. Bennett. James Traub on 100 years of nation building. A nation on the make: Greenland has voted to cut all ties with its Danish rulers (and more). From International Viewpoint, an article on The Communist Manifesto 160 years later; and here's a crash course on capitalism (and more on their crisis, our consequences). From Jewcy, an article on bashing Nazis, or how to feel morally superior. An interview with Matthew Alexander, author of How to Break a Terrorist.