From Military Review, Amitai Etzioni (GWU): Reconstruction: A Damaging Fantasy? Research suggests that seeing the flag doesn't make Americans feel more patriotic, but it does make them feel more nationalistic and more superior to non-Americans. The first chapter from Reason and Rationality by Jon Elster. From Daedalus, a special issue on judicial independence. Why Barack Obama should nominate leading law professors for seats on the Federal Appeals Court (and more). Obama's inauguration speech is unlikely to disappoint — his words may be unremarkable; his delivery won't be.  A review of Arab Soccer in a Jewish State: The Integrative Enclave by Tamir Sorek. A review of The Liberal Defence of Murder by Richard Seymour. The first chapter from Egypt after Mubarak: Liberalism, Islam, and Democracy in the Arab World by Bruce K. Rutherford. A review of Winning the War of Words: Selling the War on Terror from Afghanistan to Iraq by Wojtek Mackiewicz Wolfe. DNA dating: Can genes help you pick a mate? Most of us, whether we admit it or not, are moral hypocrites, but oddly, hypocrisy is rooted in high morals. The next decade or so is going to see the world of video games convulsed by battles between the moneymen and the artists; if the good guys win, or win enough of the time, we’re going to have a whole new art form.