Christine M. Korsgaard (Harvard): A Kantian Case for Animal Rights. From Brock Review, a special issue on Animals in Human Societies, including Patricia Denys on Animals and Women as Meat; Carol L. Glasser on Tied Oppressions: An Analysis of how Sexist Imagery Reinforces Speciesist Sentiment; John Sorenson on the Myth of “Animal Rights Terrorism”; Paul Hamilton on Animal Liberation: A View from Political Science; a review of Anthropocentrism and Its Discontents: The Moral Status of Animals in the History of Western Thought by Gary Steiner; a review of A Rat is a Pig is a Dog is a Boy by Wesley J. Smith; and an interview with Ronnie Lee, one of the founding members of the Animal Liberation Front (ALF). A review of Speciesism, Painism and Happiness: A Morality for the Twenty-First Century by Richard D. Ryder. Do animals have rights? It's complicated. Peter Singer on moral progress and animal welfare, and a planet for all apes. Here are 5 reasons why we should worry about an ape revolution. The ethics of animal enhancement: By increasing the rational faculties of animals, and by giving them the tools to better manage themselves and their environment, they stand to gain everything that we have come to value as a species. Born with autism, Temple Grandin doesn't think like most people — but when it comes to understanding animals, she's in a league of her own. Zooists seek to normalise erotic contact between humans and animals, but the principle of consent must retain primacy. Women Who Run With the Wolves: Jill Abramson’s The Puppy Diaries, Julie Klam’s You Had Me at Woof, and why dog women get more respect than cat ladies. Pets with problems: Does spaying cause depression in dogs and cats? Josh Ozersky on the gastronomic case against eating baby animals.